Summers in Park City

“Well, [Park City’s] always been a thorn in Utah’s side. I mean, this has been a town that was always independent. It was not a Utah conformist town.”

—Jim Santy, lifelong Park City resident

Tourists at Home

This weekend we took our very first trip to the Park City Museum, right on Main Street in Old Town. We learned about the first settlers, the town’s mining roots, the great fire of 1898, the world’s only “Skier Subway”, and the longstanding love of film that eventually gave birth to the Sundance Film Festival. Our ten-year-old daughter imagined herself as a miner blasting silver ore and as a pastry chef shopping for lard and flour at the market. When we stepped outside into the beautiful afternoon sun and looked down historic Main Street and up at Park City Town Lift, we found ourselves pausing to really see this beautiful place we call home.

Park City

When we first moved to Park City nine years ago, we vowed to always take time to notice how beautiful it is. We instantly felt at home amidst the lush green mountains of summer, our then one-year-old daughter playing happily on our deck. The landscape and outdoor lifestyle were why we moved to Utah—the best snow in the winter and the best mountain biking and trail hiking in the summer. Park City still felt secret, different than the rest of Utah and completely unknown to most our friends and family.

But the years sped by, the obligations and expectations of work and life took over, and routine got the better of us. Don’t get me wrong, we still love Park City, but as can happen in long-term relationships, we sometimes stop really seeing Park City with the inquisitive excitement newness initially brought. Today, though, with the recent spring snow giving way to bright new life, we remembered why we fell in love with Park City in the first place.

To all the Park City locals lucky enough to live and play here every day, I advise you this: remember to look up. Remember to take time to notice those things you sometimes take for granted. Slow down, step back, and really see where you are. And remember even in that moment you’re merely at one stop on what is a bigger journey—that where you are is only a step on the road to where you’re going.

SYNC Float Center

SYNC Float Center

SYNC Float Center is one example of where Park City is going. Located a mere six miles from the Park City Museum, SYNC is just outside the Park City limits on 248 to Kamas in the Park East Business Park. We’ll also be a sponsor of the Park City Farmer’s Market and will pop up to hand out free samples of our birch muscle soak blend, so look for us there!

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