Float Pod

Even after all my years of floating, I often have a hard time truly telling people what this practice is in a way that fully encompasses it. I mostly talk about what floating CAN BE. It can be a stress-reduction practice, but I’ve also had guests tell me how anxious or frustrated they felt in […]

Mindfulness Methods: Body Scan

This post is part of our Mindfulness Methods series, a collection of blogs dedicated to exploring different techniques we use to enhance our float experiences. Let me emphasize that there’s no wrong way to float, but sometimes we need a little help to get the most out of our time in the tank. “It is […]


This is Part Three of our three-part series exploring the basic elements of floating: magnesium, flotation, and sensory reduction. Sensory Reduction Part of the benefit of flotation therapy comes from the fact that, while in the pod, much of your sensory input is diminished. Float pods are designed to be completely free of light and […]