As a former professional skier and US Freeski team athlete, I have been trained to always be on the move. Recently retired, I am now a yoga and fitness instructor and teach close to 15 classes a week. Which sometimes brings me to not just physically but emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I love my personal yoga practice but is still something physical I end up doing to recharge. I honestly didn’t know how to just STOP… until I tried floating! For years even a recovery program involved exercise, painful ice baths or movement of some kind. With floating, there is nothing physical I have to do, nothing to do but reset and heal all aspects that I wasn’t taking time for. I will now take time for my yoga when I need movement but when I need nothing but stillness, I float… This is now my new reset. 

Ashley Battersby Former professional skier, Yoga and Fitness Instructor

Thank you for being here! A lovely, peaceful way to unwind the body & mind. Will most definitely make this a regular part of my life.

Katie Eldridge Owner, Panic Button Media

I expected a glorified, enclosed hot tub. But what I got was a new kind of deep relaxation unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The word “healing” is overused, but that’s exactly what happens at this place. Both my body and mind felt rejuvenated in a way I never expected going in. I worried about feeling claustrophobic in the pods but experienced zero issues—within 5 minutes I had fully closed the lid and turned off the optional lights and sound. If you haven’t tried floating yet, DO IT! I’ve found it to be much more relaxing and therapeutic than a massage. This is a beautiful facility and the owners take the time to make sure you understand what’s happening and answer any questions. Cannot recommend this place highly enough.

TJ Parsons Writer

After each float, I feel like I hit a “reset” button. I am a busy mom and business owner. The chaos is real. 60 minutes of pure zen is much needed for me. Not to mention, Michelle and Justin go out of their way to make every visit comfortable and peaceful. SYNC float is my happy place.

Bre Hintz Owner, Mountain Babes Clothing, and Mom

As a generally anxious person I was a little nervous for my float experience and SYNC Float center was AMAZING… The float experience was definitely relaxing, but the biggest benefit was about 10 minutes before it was overI literally couldn’t stop smiling. Hours later I just feel happier and more rested than I have in weeks. I would 100% recommend trying this…

KF Marketing Manager

An experience like no other. If you have a large transition in your life quickly approaching, this is the perfect way to reflect. I am rejuvenated and relaxed.

Isabella Corieri Student

Felt like a baby in a womb! Took my meditation next level. Can I stay here forever? Thanks for the beautiful space.

Carly Harmsen Master Esthetician

Whoa! Literally amazing how every muscle finds its natural relaxed state.

Joshua Besser Director Supply Chain

Two floats. Two hours of relaxation, clarity, and new questions I may not have found any other way. New story ideas, inspiration, and models for looking at the world showed up during the float and in conversation with Michelle. Thank you!

Cole Lehman Writer

A solid place to come to escape the uneasiness of life. Your place is a refuge, a safe place in times of trouble or for relaxation in general.

Jessica Bentrude Ski Instructor

Thank you, Michelle & Justin! This is better than any other kind of spa treatment/experience I’ve ever had! Love what you guys are doing here!

Carson Greer Cake Decorator and Mom

Complete relaxation of body and mind. Justin and Michelle are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring you have the best experience possible. Will definitely be back!

Austin Sims Photographer

Wow! It took a few seconds to completely let my arms, legs, and head relax in the water but then the weightlessness took over. It was a bizarrely delightful experience. A great form of meditation. I felt calm and peaceful, yet energized.

Rachel Hunter Professional Model

I’ve never had a better recovery tool than this after a game. I’ve never felt any better, even like ice baths or anything like that I’ve tried for years. So yeah, this is revolutionary.

Willie Mason Professional Rugby Player, Catalans Dragons

Sometimes the benefits are mental, and I’m more alert and less burned out, and sometimes the benefits are physical, and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to train again. But either way, it’s like a reset button, and that’s critical when you’re pushing hard for a fight.

Tom Watson Mixed Martial Artist, UFC

Right off the bat, I found it to be one of the most anxiety-reducing experiences I’ve ever had.

Tim Ferriss Author, Podcast Host, Human Guinea Pig

The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I’ve ever used for developing my mind. For thinking. For evolving.

Joe Rogan Comedian, UFC Commentator, Podcast Host