Minimize input, maximize output.

Ours is a world of stimulation, of moving faster, getting more done, being more connected (at least virtually), and doing more with less. With ever-increasing demands, our overall wellness and potential to improve necessitate time to recover and refuel. Flotation therapy provides a unique set of circumstances for just this purpose.



The Road to Wellness

Floating decreases injury healing time, post-exercise recovery time, and pain as well as stress and cortisol levels — getting you back to your training schedule ASAP.

The Performance Advantage

Regular floating can take you from performing well to performing your best. Studies show floating increases euphoria, coordination, creativity, and focus.

What is Floating?

Floating is done in a private float tank containing ten inches of water and nine hundred pounds of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt. The high concentration of this anti-inflammatory salt allows the body to effortlessly float on the water's surface—relieving joint pressure, allowing the spine and muscles to relax and lengthen, and bringing blood flow to injured areas.

Floating removes all external inputs—light, sound, temperature gradient, and in a sense, even gravity. This takes our focus away from processing our overstimulating world and instead gives energy to the body for physical healing and mental relaxation.

How will your body use its extra energy?

Why Float

Floating for Head Injuries

With all our technology, the best treatment for a concussion is still good, old-fashioned rest. Floating can enhance rest and speed up recovery.

A Rookie Foray into Floating

By letting go and succumbing to being both present and nowhere at all...I had the most relaxing hour of my adult life.

At Our Core

There seems to be a better version of each of us, calmer and more thoughtful, just under the surface of our stress and insecurities.

The water’s the temperature of your body so you kind of really just feel nothing. You come out and everything’s great…it lasts for awhile, and your skin feels really good.

Kristen Wiig Actress, Formerly on SNL