A Foundation Built On Trust

The Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute at the University of West Virginia knows all about recovery. In fact, they have an entire lab dedicated to it. The Institute’s director, Dr. Josh Hagen, studies float therapy among many other therapies and modalities there, and he’s discovered something rather unique about floating. “[Float therapy,]” he says, “is the only […]

Mindfulness Methods: Start Where You Are

If you’ve floated more than a handful of times, you’ve probably experienced it. Life has been stressful, and you finally make an appointment to float. You can’t wait to feel the relief. You hop in the tank and….it’s pretty uncomfortable. Your mind is racing, body is tense, and you feel anxious. It’s as if you’re […]


“The concussion crisis has changed the face of sports as we know it, and it has brought to surface the incredible importance of our brain health. The time is now for us to make our brain the number one priority so that education and awareness can take effect and begin to change the way we […]


This is Part Three of our three-part series exploring the basic elements of floating: magnesium, flotation, and sensory reduction. Sensory Reduction Part of the benefit of flotation therapy comes from the fact that, while in the pod, much of your sensory input is diminished. Float pods are designed to be completely free of light and […]


  PTSD: Like Being Shoved Off a Cliff Our lives are made up of experiences. Each and every experience we have changes us on a deep, biological level. This means we are changing every day. We are always moving in either a positive or a negative direction, and much of this movement is based on […]


This is Part Two of a three-part series exploring the basic elements that make up floating: Magnesium, Flotation, and Sensory Reduction.  The Struggles of Active Living If you’re like me, you love to move. We run, jump, pedal, spar, throw, lift, and ski. Moving keeps us healthy and happy, but it can also beat us up. […]

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This is Part One of a three-part series exploring the basic elements that make up floating: Magnesium, Flotation, and Sensory Deprivation. Magnesium I have had a headache since I was 19 years old. Everyday. For 13 years. Floating is one of the only things that can actually relieve my headache 100%. I believe this is because […]