New 40-Minute Float Option!

We’re a little nervous about this. We’re not sure if it’ll work. We haven’t seen anyone doing anything like it.

We’re going to try it anyway.

The Way Things Are

Traditionally, float appointments start at one hour. Some float centers only offer longer 90-minute floats, and I’ve only seen one center in the country that offers a shorter 45-minute float option. For SYNC Float and the rest of the world’s float centers, 60 minutes is where it starts.

There are reasons for this. The most obvious reason is for convenience in scheduling and to compare the service with other modalities in the same realm – massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc…

The second, more important reason is all about the quality of the experience. Once you’re accustomed to floating, your brain can start producing theta waves while in the tank. Theta waves are one of the biggest things that sets floating apart from other recovery and self-care options. They are associated with the ‘flow state’ and are correlated with creativity and happiness, along with other psychological benefits. It takes between 25 and 40 minutes to reach a theta state while floating, though, so by offering 60-minute floats as our most basic option, we’re increasing the chances of a deeply positive experience for our guests by allowing enough time to get into that state and spend some time there.

So, offering floats that start at 60-minutes with an option for longer durations makes sense to us. We never really considered offering anything shorter…until now.

New 40-Minute ‘Learn to Float’ Option

What changed our minds, you ask? Well, you did. We’ve spoken with so many of you who love the idea of floating, who are really interested in trying it, but for whom 60 minutes is daunting. Others of you can’t seem to squeeze 60 minutes out of your busy schedules. For you, we’re introducing a 40-minute float option we’re calling ‘Learn to Float’. Our goal has always been to help people improve their lives through floating. That means all people, including those of you who need a 40-minute float, whatever your reason. We’d still love to see you experience a full 60-minute float, but there are still so many benefits that a half-hour in a float tank can give you. We hope that you can finally come see for yourself what those benefits are.

You’ve just run out of excuses.

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