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The Urgent & The Important

On a recent podcast with Andrew Huberman, Tim Ferriss discussed how he prioritizes his time. “Unless you schedule these things that you claim to be important, they’re going to get crowded out by bullsh*t… The urgent will crush the important.” That hit me right in the gut. I can easily succumb to someone else’s demands […]

Mindfulness Methods: Start Where You Are

If you’ve floated more than a handful of times, you’ve probably experienced it. Life has been stressful, and you finally make an appointment to float. You can’t wait to feel the relief. You hop in the tank and….it’s pretty uncomfortable. Your mind is racing, body is tense, and you feel anxious. It’s as if you’re […]


This post is part of our Mindfulness Methods series, a collection of blogs dedicated to exploring different techniques we use to enhance our float experiences. There’s no wrong way to float, but sometimes we need a little help to get the most out of our time in the tank. When new customers come into SYNC […]

positive effects of floating

  Highlighting The Positive We pour post-float tea for everyone who floats with us. As they sit and sip, we talk. We’re always curious what went well and if they had any challenges. After our first six months as float center owners and operators, there’s one thing we’ve noticed from a huge majority of people as […]

float better

We like to say flotation therapy meets you where you are. If you come in super stressed and hurried, you’ll likely spend a good portion of your float just calming down. Sometimes that’s all floats are (I know mine have been), and that’s okay and useful in its own right. Sometimes, however, you might hope […]