The Positive Effects Of Floating


Highlighting The Positive

We pour post-float tea for everyone who floats with us. As they sit and sip, we talk. We’re always curious what went well and if they had any challenges. After our first six months as float center owners and operators, there’s one thing we’ve noticed from a huge majority of people as they reflect: they immediately highlight the positive effects of floating.

“My back feels so much better.”

“It was so great to just be with my thoughts for an hour.”

“I feel like I let go of some things in there.”

“What really matters became so clear.”

Float Obstacles

We’ve certainly had people tell us floating was harder than they expected. Moments of boredom, saltwater in the eyes, or a mild panic when it seems the lights button isn’t where we left it. But a huge majority of our floaters push past their challenges and come out victorious on the other side. Even my own hard floats have left me with the sense I’m more able to overcome challenges than I give myself credit for.

The funny thing about the uncertainty some floaters express? Most times it’s expressed while smiling. I’m not sure these floaters realize the juxtaposition between their verbal language and their body language. But we do.

float spa

Negativity Bias

We’re hard-wired to notice and remember the negative. It’s our default setting. Which means a lot of the good stuff passes us by. Taking actual note of someone complimenting you or waving you ahead at a stop sign—most of us are so wrapped up in our inner narrative of struggle we don’t even notice.

Our default setting is to scan for problems, to ready ourselves for attack.

But after a float we can challenge this default setting. We can take a minute to fully appreciate the shift. We suddenly have the mental space necessary to notice the positive, even if it takes awhile. We’ve had floaters share many a story of post-float effects they didn’t realize till well after they’d left SYNC. It’s happened to us. Extra long bike rides have been easier, hard conversations have gone smoother, and sleep has come without struggle. These are the positive effects of floating.

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The Float Spectrum

We talk a lot about floating being something that takes practice, something that IS a practice. As with any practice, changes may only be noticeable over time. As Justin once said, “It’s a spectrum, right? A practice. The more you do it, the better the bad floats get, but the good ones get better, too.”

All it really takes is slowing down and paying attention—taking time to notice the positive.

“What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me.”

—Helen Keller

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