Mindfulness Methods: Linger Longer

The Theta State

During the first 7-8 years of life, children spend most of their time in the theta state. Theta is a specific brain wave that, when produced, makes us especially present, creative and impressionable. The things we’re exposed to in that state hit a little deeper, and contribute more significantly to our wiring. That’s a big reason why we spend so much time as adults focusing on our childhood to understand ourselves. That’s when our “software” was primarily written.

Now that we’re grown, we still produce theta brain waves. Reliably (but not exclusively), we experience this state in the mornings after we wake up and also during/after our floats and meditations. Consequently, these times become opportunities to rewrite our software little by little. How we spend those precious minutes deeply matters.

“Your subconscious can be your greatest barrier or your greatest ally. You must choose what you want it to be. Then work to mold it to be one of these”


The Messages We Send

If the first thing we wake up to is chaotic stimulation, like checking our phones or blasting music as we jump immediately into the shower, we’re sending a signal straight to the heart of our nervous system that life is stimulating and stressful. The same idea applies after a float. Checking your phone right away with one hand while you grab your to-go tea with the other on your way out the door is going to yield a very different effect than taking even 5 minutes to relax in the lounge with a cup of tea and a float journal. Creating that space when your nervous system is extra malleable sends a message more like, “Life is peaceful.” “I am clear and content.” Or even, “I am a priority and I take care of myself.”

So here’s your invitation to be a bit more intentional with the changes you make to your software each day. Instead of reaching for your phone first thing, perhaps you can reach for your partner or your pet. For your meditation pillow or your gratitude journal. Linger a bit longer as you send messages of love, peace, or gratitude to yourself. In these precious moments, tell your nervous system that life is good and it will start behaving as if it is.

SYNC: Designed For You To Linger

I’m sure many of you have noticed that we’re offering tea in glass mugs again at SYNC (they went away during Covid). This has been a very intentional move to gently encourage you to linger longer after your float. Even just a few minutes. Take an extra long shower. Sit and be present with a cup of tea. With yourself. We put big buffers between appointments specifically so you can move slowly, thoughtfully, and fully enjoy the space you’ve cultivated for yourself through your float. Take advantage of those theta waves and send yourself a message that will stick, and nudge you in a better direction. You are the program, but you are also the programmer.

Come linger with us.


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