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Mindfulness Methods: Start Where You Are

If you’ve floated more than a handful of times, you’ve probably experienced it. Life has been stressful, and you finally make an appointment to float. You can’t wait to feel the relief. You hop in the tank and….it’s pretty uncomfortable. Your mind is racing, body is tense, and you feel anxious. It’s as if you’re […]

Mindfulness Methods: Linger Longer

The Theta State During the first 7-8 years of life, children spend most of their time in the theta state. Theta is a specific brain wave that, when produced, makes us especially present, creative and impressionable. The things we’re exposed to in that state hit a little deeper, and contribute more significantly to our wiring. […]

Be Still And Know...

‘Tis The Season To Be Busy The holidays are upon us. Regardless of which one(s) you’ll be celebrating, there’s probably a religious or spiritual component to it. One that encourages you to slow down and remember or honor something. Maybe that’s a component that doesn’t necessarily resonate with you, or gets left by the wayside […]

float and flow

It was a busy weekday in November—emails flying and piling. Traffic was as congested as my inbox … and as congested as my nose, where a lingering head-cold had set up camp. My partner and I had signed up for Float & Flow Yoga at SYNC, a place I’ve always associated with the most profound […]

Float and Flow at SYNC

We’re so excited to introduce Float and Flow at SYNC, in partnership with Soft Body Yoga! Part float session, part gentle flow yoga class, Float and Flow pairs two powerful therapies to relax body and mind. What To Expect The evening consists of two groups: those floating then flowing and those flowing then floating. Both […]

Float Park City

“Part of the reason the duo loves working at Sync Float Center is because they get to see people who are trying floating for the first time.” —Carolyn Webber, The Park Record Floating is a novel experience for a huge majority of the people who come through our doors. We are honored to be a […]

first float

It’s not hard to talk me into anything spa-like. I’m in particular need of self-care because my life is too busy to make much time for it. Like most outdoorswomen, homeowners, and business owners (I bear all these titles), I’m well aware that I ought to make more time to sit still. Hell, I even […]

schedule a float

You’ve been here waiting with us for months and, in some cases, years. You’ve told us about your aches and pains, stresses and woes. We’ve told you how floating can help, and asked you to please hang on while we finish building, while we quit our jobs and change our lives so we can help […]


  “Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions—not outside.”—Marcus Aurelius How much of what you’ve been sure was true has, in fact, turned out to be false or has changed from your original perception of it? If you’d asked me as a child what I […]

Float Pod

We hit a sort of milestone this week: the delivery of our first two pallets of epsom salt and our three Float Pod float tanks! Float tank design has come a long way since flotation therapy came to be in the 1950s, and while there are many good manufacturers on the market, we chose US-made Float Pod […]

Park City Museum

“Well, [Park City’s] always been a thorn in Utah’s side. I mean, this has been a town that was always independent. It was not a Utah conformist town.” —Jim Santy, lifelong Park City resident Tourists at Home This weekend we took our very first trip to the Park City Museum, right on Main Street in […]

state of syc

“If you find something very difficult to achieve yourself, don’t imagine it impossible- for anything possible and proper for another person can be achieved as easily by you.” -Marcus Aurelius SYNC Float Center We began the process of opening our own float center in the summer of 2015. Truthfully, there was a time when it […]